Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Orienting Myself with the Future

Little Miss's Toddler Room
School Photo
Age 22 months.
Wow, so last night we had Little Miss's Kindergarten Orientation night.  My god, my baby girl will be going to school in September.

The principal asked the kids if they were ready for kindergarten and most responded that they were.  He then asked the parents and the response this time was a bit mixed.  Perhaps it is because Little Miss has been in daycare since she was one, even when I was off on mat leave with Buddy she went part time, but I am not sad about her going to kindergarten.  I am excited for her because she is so excited.  She is ready for the challenge and I cannot wait to see her continue to grow into the girl she is becoming. 

That being said, it will be a total logistical nightmare for me.  I am already in the planning stages trying to figure out before and after school care, lunches and how much time I will lose here at work during the initial introduction to kindergarten stage.

I LOVE the daycare that she goes to now.  The staff is awesome, the program is interesting and stimulating and both she and Buddy go there so it makes my mornings just that much easier.  The daycare is about a 15 minute walk to her school but currently there is no way to get her to kindergarten and back to the daycare so that she can stay there.  Kindergarten is only 3 days a week and so she will need care the other days.  Also, I work from 8 until 4 but school is from 9:15 until 3:35 (I have no idea how they come up with these times but they are rather silly) and so she will need to be somewhere both before and after.

So, I have decided become that squeaky wheel parent.  I have come up with a plan that will allow her to stay at her daycare and get her to and from school.  I think this is something that can easily be accomplished and it is something that I want accomplished.  As of yesterday I began a campaign to get Little Miss onto a bus that will take her to and from school from her daycare.  I am well aware that this may all be in vain but I am going to continue to suggest it and push it until the file the restraining order . . . okay, perhaps not that far but you understand how much I want this to work.

I want the transition to kindergarten to be as easily as possible for both Little Miss and myself . . . perhaps I am not quite as ready as I thought for this huge milestone . . . ah, I guess I will find out in September.

How did you feel when your little ones headed off to school?  Did you shed a tear or many tears?



  1. I'm never sad when my oldest reaches a new stage in life - I'm excited to see her take on new challenges. But I've cried every time my baby reaches new stages. I suppose this is because the older my youngest gets, the further away from babyhood I get, and I'm not ready for that!

  2. I wonder if I will feel the same sort of excitement when Buddy is getting ready to head to kindergarten?! Only time will tell.

  3. I was sad when my oldest went into JK, but it was under different circumstances, as his father and I had just been separated a month prior to that. There were a lot of melancholy feelings going through my head at that time....

    This time, as Midget is about to enter JK, I am both excited and nervous. I have been through it with the oldest already, so I know what to expect. On the other hand, Midget is my baby and it's hard to see him grow up - it seems almost surreal. I keep worrying that he's still too young. lol

  4. Oh by the way, that is such a cute picture of Little Miss. I just want to squeeze her, she is so cute. She has such a shy, sweet smile, but of course I can still see that streak of stubbornness in there. lol

  5. Ah thanks, she is cute and totally stubborn!

    I cannot imagine having a 3 year old go to JK. Given that my birthday is at the end of December, I would have been 3 for half of the year . . . that seems so young.

  6. Awww what mixed feelings I have about this! I am so pleased for my daughter (as you are for yours) because she is excited about starting school in January. This year at kindergarten, she has really found her stride socially and is more than ready. Eh... me? Not so ready! I want to bundle her up and keep her protected. But then she drives me crazy if we're around each other for too long and I know it wouldn't work for either of us ;-) Ultimately, it's time.

    I adore this school room photo! Oh what cute hair!


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