Friday, 29 July 2011

Life Lessons - Absence Does in Fact Make the Heart Grow Fonder

So I am once again linking in with Rach and Sara to take a look back at my week and see what lessons I learned along the way.
Life With Baby Donut

1.  Last night was the first night since Little Miss arrived that I have spent an entire night in my house alone.  I both loved the feeling and felt it was just way to quiet.  All in all it was a wee bit surreal.  Hopefully tonight I will be over that this is way too strange feeling and just relish the lack of responsibilities . . . either that or I will clean the house.

2.  Last night was also one of the few times that I used our security system.  I don't believe in living in fear and locking up everything I own like Fort Knox . . . last night it just gave me some sort of security.

3.  A walk at lunch is a glorious thing, particularly since I work in such a beautiful setting. 

4.  No matter what my kickboxing instructor says, doing calf raises when ones calves are already aching does not flush them out.  What it does do is make it very painful and damn near impossible to walk.  Next time time he suggests it, I will remind him that he is dead wrongOkay truth be told, I will probably call him a shit head but that is totally a term of endearment and he knows that.  What can I say, I pay the man to make me hurt.

5.  In an effort to ease the calf pain, I totally embraced the dress down Friday philosophy.  I am wearing my Birkenstock and jeans today and I just don't care.  In my mind, it is way more professional than the last time I was an idiot like this and had to go around work barefoot because my heels were making the situation way worse . . . way the hell worse . . . so bad . . . painful.

6.  I will really miss my parents as they embark on their two month journey.  I am excited for them and the sights they are going to see but two months is such a long time.

7.  Not nearly as much as my kids will miss them.  I love watching how close they are and it makes me miss my grandparents that much more. 

8.  It also reminds me to call my wonderful Grandma and let her know how much I love her . . . because you just have to love her!

9. I am a walking contradiction.  I find the obvious crush that Dude_WaitWhat has on Handflapper
totally adorable!  Yet I find another Twitter flirtation annoying but that might be because I find that particular tweep annoying. 

10.  I saw myself in Little Miss and I worry about that.  She is already pressuring herself to get things just right and to always succeed and she is not yet even 4.  This self pressure is what lead to my eventual nervous breakdown in university . . . I don't want that for her. 

11.  I know that buying myself a coffee in the morning is not budget friendly but it is truly a lovely treat . . . that I indulged in all week . . . I will be better next week.

12.  Once again I learned that I love my kids in a way that words cannot describe.  I am enjoying this time to myself but I admit that I miss their smiles, their voices, the hugs and mwehs!  Hell, I even missed our morning ritual of arguing over clothing options . . . must have things that don't touch Little Miss and shirts with a desired picture of a truck, lizard or Warehouse Mouse on it for Buddy.

13.  Well, to be honest, I am not certain that I actually missed the morning argument but I missed seeing them all dressed and ready for whatever the day had to offer.

So what did you learn this week? 



  1. Hey thanks for checking out my Life's Lessons! Yes a home without kids or pets for that matter is way too quiet. Kind of eerie isn't it? And yes coffee is such a nice's hard to say no! I'm your newest follower :)

  2. I was wondering how Little Miss was doing with the clothing. Sorry you're still having that battle. And I totally think it's cool that you take kickboxing lessons. I need to get more active. Where are your parents going?? Did I miss that?

  3. You haven't dressed down until you have fuzzy slippers hidden under your desk. Not that I would know anything about that personally! :)

  4. I learned not to go running 2 days in a row. My legs are KILLING ME.

    Also? I don't think my son looks like me or his dad, but he certainly has a lot of my facial expressions. And he has his dad's sense of humor and love of comics. So there's that.

  5. Lol. I am usually barefoot in my store until someone comes in and I have to be a professional adult. I have always wanted to take a kick boxing class!!

  6. I know what it's like to feel so weird without your kid(s) around. We got to have a night alone recently and it was way odd. But great!

    I learned this week that I am spending just a little bit too much time sitting at my computer and I'm really tired.

  7. I think it's hilarious that you pay attention to Twitter relationships! I do the same thing. :)

  8. Oooh, jealous of dress down Friday! Our execs have a stickuptheircollectivebutts and we never have casual day. Ever.

    Definitely call your grandma! Grandmas and grandpas are so special in our lives (and our kids' lives!).


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