Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ghosts of Blogging Past

So someone, oh yes I am looking at you Jamie from Chosen Chaos and Mommy2Cents, thought it would be a great idea to go back and revisit a post from our first week of blogging.   So I went back and took a peak at my entry in the blogging world . . . yeah, not exactly great works of art but hell, we all had to start some place.

I figured I may as well just go back and revisit my most rookiest of posts . . . my very first post.

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First One . . . And Already I am Questioning Why I am

Well now, apparently I fancy myself a writer . . . to the point where I have taken the time to actually create this blog (not that it was all that hard but you get the point . . . I took time out of my life to do it so obviously it matters to me). But why have I created this? I guess the long and short of it is, I have been reading so many wonderful blogs, by women that have so inspired me, that I felt compelled to join this community.

But do I have what it takes to join this community? I don't know. I have been struggling lately, trying to find something that I am passionate about. Perhaps this it . . . perhaps not but only time will tell.

I am wondering what I will focus my writing on. My kids, my hubby, my job, my new found love of kickboxing . . . I don't know. What I do know, is that lately I have just wanted to feel less invisible, to be more a part of something. I hate feeling invisible. It makes me sad and makes me want to scream out . . . "I am right here! Please see me.". . . but I don't because I really don't want the world to think I am crazy. Who knows, maybe I am crazy. If I am crazy, hopefully I am a totally lovable type of crazy like The Bloggess, not the scary type. You know who I am talking about . . . ahem . . . Charlie Sheen anyone.

So this is probably where I should end this post but how does one do that?! Good question! 



  1. Yay for first posts! We all had a lot to learn in the beginning. :) I'm still trying to convince myself to link up for the Bloggy Past posts.....I'm kind of a chicken.

  2. I for one am glad you joined the blogging community :)

  3. Ha! I love how you are talking to yourself and answering questions for yourself! I do that all the time too! So glad you joined us!!

  4. Isn't it fun to look back and read those old posts?? It's like a completely different person wrote it (when I read mine, anyway).

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and lending your support and encouragement during what was a really rough time for me. It meant so much! Hopefully I can be here to offer the same kind of support to you!

  5. We started blogging for the very same reason!! Moving to a town where I knew no one has been pretty lonely, so I started my blog! Sorry I'm just now getting around to reading this. We've been out of town for 2 weeks for the holidays and I'm just now getting back to some sort of normalcy.

    Hope you had a fantastic Holiday!! :)


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