Friday, 30 March 2012

Things I Said I Would NEVER Do with MY Kids

Okay, so that title might be a wee bit misleading because I am not certain I ever saw me being in this sort of a position but hey, it is a catchy title.

I have mentioned it before but we are dealing with this little issue with Buddy in which he has suddenly decided that pooping is just not something he is comfortable with.  Needless to say, this has become a total pain in the butt and there are days when our lives revolve around whether or not the little guy has pooped.

So, like the totally awesome parents that we are, we have resorted to bribing him.  In the spirit of some potty training parents we now offer him a Cadbury mini egg every time he poops and we don't care if it is in his diaper, on the toilet or in the tub . . . just get that shit out little man!

It is totally working for us  . . . perhaps a little too well.  He now asks for a "poo egg" every time he does something in his diaper, which is not the point of the bribe but it does show how into it he is.

Today I am grateful that we have found something to help push the little guy past whatever it is that is making him think that "holding it" is a good idea and while it may go against all the parenting bibles, I don't care because it is working!  Okay, I admit that I feel a wee bit of guilt in the fact that in the future he may associate the oh so yummy Cadbury mini egg with shit but that is for him to work through with his future therapist! Yes, my tongue is firmly planted in my cheek.


  1. The thing about bribing is that the parent just has to be OK with whatever the bribe is. If you're fine with it, it's fine. If you have any misgivings, maybe you should rethink it.

    It would be nice if your little man could could just shit or get off the pot so you don't have to keep writing about it! ;-)

  2. I could fill a book with the things I said "I'll never do" before I had kids, that I now do with my kids all the time. Oh well!

  3. Ew! A poo egg. That's too funny. We had to bribe my son to poop in the potty when he was potty training. But he doesn't ask for stickers anymore. ;)

  4. I say bribe away. Anything to make that poor little man poop!

  5. Oh my gosh, thanks for the good laugh! A poo egg....that kills me. And I'm glad it's working, because a kid that doesn't poop is not a happy kid and they probably don't have happy parents either.

  6. AHHAHAAHA! You do what you have to do right? We bribed my son with ice cream. Worked like a charm :)

  7. Hey, don't worry about it we bribed our eldest with chocolate buttons and once he got the hang of it he stopped asking for them....

    Sometimes we have to do things to make life as a parent easier.... Bribery isn't all that bad...

  8. We are bribing my daughter right now with jelly beans so she'll go on the potty. Every time she has to pee she says "jelly bean?" even if she doesn't really have to go.
    sometimes I forget to give her one and she doesn't notice.

  9. Oh man, I laughed at the "poo-egg" - I am impressed! And hey, whatever works mate, whatever works...


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