Friday, 4 May 2012


Have you ever taken a moment out of your day to just let someone know that they are truly making a difference?  Have you ever thanked someone for holding the door open?  Taken a moment to note how fantastic a project a person was working hard on turned out?  Just stopped and reminded someone that they are doing a great job?

Call it validation or back patting.  Call it positive re-enforcement but people need encouragement . . . people need to feel that their actions are not only noticed but appreciated.

Think back and remember the look of pure joy on your child's face after you told them just how proud you were of them for whatever it was they accomplished.  The big cheesy grins that stretch for ear to ear just because mommy is doing a happy dance for a pee in the potty!  The shy smile that lights up beautiful eyes because daddy knew that you could get across those monkey bars without his help, he told you so and you did.

Adults thrive on encouragement as well. 

I am pausing in the middle of this post to provide you with perhaps the perfect example of irony.  Writing a post about encouragement while unintentionally criticising the writing of ones husband.  That my dear Alanis is ironic. Sigh! Now back to the post.

What was I saying . . . oh yes . . . we all need encouragement.  Each and every one of us works hard in our day-to-day lives but the monotony of the it can sometimes become overwhelming and leave us longing for more.  It is just at that point when when all we need is a pat on the back and I "good job" to give us the motivation to keep on keeping on!

So I am challenging myself to spend my weekend encouraging people . . . being a positive force in the lives of those I meet.  I am challenging myself to focus on the positives in my life and encouraging myself as well.  Hell, while I am at it, I am challenging you to focus on this weekend on encouraging others and letting them know that they are doing one hell of a great job!

Just Jennifer


  1. Challenge accepted. I will definitely try and do that because it really is a wonderful feeling to get an unsolicited compliment out of the blue.

  2. Yes! I do that sort of thing regularly. Very good reminder!

  3. You're so right. We all need it and we all need to give it!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more! There are so many people who hear criticism all day long and have their actions corrected; encouragement is a nice change.

  5. Giving encouragement makes you feel better about yourself. At least it works that way with me. Encouraging others positively boomerangs positivity.

  6. I am so with you on this Jenn! There is never enough positive reinforcement in our society. Recently I found out a blog post I'd written about the kindness of strangers inspired the company the lady worked for to start a customer care day in honour of their employee's act and my blog post. Just goes to show how far encouragement can span xx


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