Thursday, 24 May 2012

Did I Say That Out Loud?

" I have to pee."

Did I say that out loud?  Really . . . . did I?  Ah shit, I did.

That was the somewhat embarrassed conversation I had with myself after I stood up at my desk and informed my sweet volunteer that I had to pee.  I had intended to tell her was that I was going out for a walk on my lunch but for some reason all that came out was "I have to pee".

I admit that I was thinking to myself that I should probably hit the loo before heading out but I had no intention of informing her of that plan.  Turns out my brain had an entirely different idea. 

I am nothing if not professional and there is nothing more professional than informing a volunteer that you are in need of a trip to the restroom.  Or maybe not. Sigh

I actually managed to one-up myself as I was still embarrased with myself for calling another volunteer hun this week.  He is young, reminds me of what I hope my son will turn out to be like one day and out it came . . . "Excuse me hun." 

Luckily for me she truly a wonderful lady and just laughed at me as I stood there in a wee bit of shock . . . and then headed off to go wee as I told her I was going to!

When oh when does mommy brain lessen?  Will my brain ever begin to function like it once did again?! 

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  1. I tell ppl at work I have to pee all the time.
    It's a function.
    You didn't pee ON them.

  2. I tell people that I have to pee...heck I blog about diarreha..
    Yea I'm a mature 31 year old ;)

  3. my own verbal filter is forever damaged also. Pee announcements are the least of my worries. I feel I should carry a sign of warning.

  4. You are too cute. I say I have to pee all the time and I call people pet names too. Now you've made me feel all conscious of it. Um, thanks? ;)


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